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Here at Amber Lodge we don't just offer pet boarding but we also offer other great services to ensure a perfect stay for your much loved pet.


Dog Bathing  €15 

What is better than getting your dog back after time away? Getting them back smelling clean and fresh after a warm bath at Amber Lodge! A bath includes wash, dry and brush leaving them super clean and smelling great! 


Pick up & Drop off Service Please contact us for a quote 

Struggling to get here or simply don't have time? Why not use our quick and easy pick up and drop off service, where our caring staff come to your home and collect your pet in our suitable pet taxi.










Dog Boarding - 14 per night  

Our kennels offer a large, clean and safe environment for your pet to kick back and relax while you are away. During the day we also play music for all the dogs to ensure they get the home from home feeling. Our kennels are fully air-conditioned during the summer and heated during the winter for that extra comfort


We give each pet their own individual playtime each day which allows them to explore the play yard and make the most of toys and personal time with our family. For those pets that enjoy socialising we offer them time together so they can play and interact with each other to keep them busy.


We are happy to provide bedding, food and toys but if you wish to bring your own then we are happy to accommodate this.


We offer kennels which are larger than our standard kennels for family boarding if you wish for your pets to board together at a discounted rate.











Cat Boarding - €7 per night

Our cattery ensures a clean and safe environment for you cat to explore. Our cattery is indoors and has a cat play gym where we let each cat out individually to explore the area. Our cattery floor is all sand allowing them to dig and roll around as they would outdoors, we also have play climbing frame for extra comfort and fun. During the day we also play music for all the cats to ensure they get that home from home feeling.


We know it's not as easy to entertain cats which is why we spend one on one time with each cat during the day playing with toys or simply giving them the enjoyable scratch behind the ear to make them feel more at home.


Included in the price we provide the bedding, food and toys during their stay but if you wish to bring any of this from home then we are happy to accomadate this.

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- Dog boarding

- Cat boarding

- Dog bathing




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