Are you open all year round?

Yes we are open all year round for your pets to board which does include Christmas and New Year.

Do you provide images of my pet?

Yes, we have a facebook page (Search for Amber Lodge) which we update daily so you can see images of your loved ones while you are away.


Can I leave them longer if I need to?

Yes, that is fine although we ask that you contact us to let us know so that we we can extend your pets stay.


Do I bring my own bedding?

We allow you to bring your own bedding although if you don't wish to bring it then we can provide this.


Can I bring my pets own toys?

Yes, we are more than happy for your pet to bring your own toys if it is something they prefer although we do have a range of toys here which they can play with.

What daily exercise do they get?

We have 3 large exercise areas where we let the dogs out multiple times a day to explore the yard, play with toys and those who's owners request can meet new friends. We also try to keep up with a normal routine so if you have any special requests we can also cater for these.


What do you feed them?

Dogs: We understand that every dog is different so we have a variety of dry and wet foods. We also cater for individual diets which means you can bring your own food if you wish.


Cats: We provide your cat with dry biscuits in the morning and wet food on an evening but as with dogs we also allow you to bring something more specific if you wish.


Do you give medication?

Yes we do give medication for all pets if it is required. We charge an extra €1 per day for administration of medication.


My dog does not like other dogs, can my pet still board?

Of course, our kennels are designed so dogs can not see each other. They will be exercised with our family and we can keep them seperate from other dogs.







- Dog boarding

- Cat boarding

- Doggy daycare

- Dog bathing

- Airport transfers

- Long  & short stay car park

- Small Animal Boarding




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